Tom got fish

Lulu made food

紅燒魚braised fish in soy souce

  • 鮮魚fish
  • 辣椒(切片)chilli
  • 青蔥切段(白色部份)shallot white part
  • 薑(切絲)ginger
  • 蒜末garlic mince

how to cook

  • fried fish till brown把魚煎到金黃
  • ginger + garlic mince + chilli fried together 薑蒜辣椒一起下油鍋
  • add soysouce and water加水醬油及
  • put the fish in and till flavour in把魚放進鍋中到入味
  • sprinkle shallot over them灑青蔥

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 烤蘿蔔grill sweet carrots

  • 蘿蔔carrots
  • 黑胡椒粒black pepper
  • salt
  • 奶油butter
  • 紅糖brown sugar

how to cook

  • wash the carrots and cutting carrots to long linearity洗蘿蔔並切成長條狀
  • put onto aluminium foil用铝箔紙密封或用铝箔紙包覆
  • butter on top of carrots放些許奶油塊在蘿蔔上
  • add salt and papper灑上黑胡椒及塩
  • wrap foil and close to grill用鋁箔紙包覆後放進烤箱或火烤
  • 200℃,30min
  • open foil and sprinkle brown sugar over them打開铝箔紙並灑上紅糖
  • close foil again and melting sugar蓋上铝箔紙並使紅糖溶化

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鮮魚湯fresh fish soup

  • fresh fish鮮魚
  • ginger 薑
  • shallot青蔥
  • sesame oil芝麻油

how to cook

  • remove bone and make filet去魚骨切魚片
  • boiling the water ,add ginger and salt滾水之後加入薑絲及塩
  • then add fish再加入鮮魚
  • boiling again再滾水一次
  • add shallot and sesame oil加入青蔥和芝麻油幾滴
  • turn the fire off關火上菜囉

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